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First off I want to apologize for how we have been unable to release new content on IDUMP4U.com. I want to explain our situation and what we are currently dealing with so that our dedicated viewers get informed.

If you are currently still unaware IDUMP4U.com has been purchased from its previous owner/creator Bradley by my brother Ons and Myself. Please remember that this was an International exchange as we are Canadian citizens and Bradley is American.

During the changeover we have had to look into legal aspects for all parts of the business in Canada. The main things we have had to review are the calls themselfs for the dumps, the videos being posted, the sites advertising and public relations.

Reviewing all this has taken a lot of time and money from our company. This is the reason we have been unable to bring you new content from IDUMP4U.com. After looking into the calls and videos we havn’t had enough time or money to advertise that we are back online and accepting dumps to the extent we origionally entended to. Because of this we have had very little requests for our services since the site has went back online last Oct 2013.

So the point is if we dont get people hiring our site, we are unable to get new content. The videos are real, the people are real, we don’t make this stuff up.

We are currently doing everything we can to get new business but our efforts only do so much….

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iDUMP4U file 01/27/10: Mike dumps Amber

ATTENTION! LAST FEW DAYS to vote for us for the shorty awards! http://shortyawards.com/iDUMP4U as your choice for innovation! Amber is a beautiful model that is amazing at sex but dumber than a box of rocks. She’s like those sirens you read about in Greek Mythology… except she pulls you in with her beauty, and thenContinue Reading

iDUMP4U file 02/03/10: Stacy dumps Ronnie

Attention MAKE SURE TO VOTE FOR US FOR THE SHORTY AWARD IN INNOVATION! THE VOTING ENDS FRIDAY NIGHT!!!! VOTE!!!! http://shortyawards.com/iDUMP4U MAKE SURE TO LEAVE A REASON!!!!! Ronnie lost his job at the factory and decided to sit at home, gather some unemployment and catch up on Fox News… well, apparently he watched a little tooContinue Reading

iDUMP4U file 02/08/10: Jason dumps Misty (VDM Edition)

ALL THIS WEEK WE HAVE SPECIAL DUMPS IN HONOR OF VALENTINE’S DAY! Misty is just gushing for Jason, but Jason is drowning in the attention. So Bradley has to come in and put a cork in this geyser that is about to go off… (editor note: The jokes are funnier, once you listen) As alwaysContinue Reading

iDUMP4U file 02/09/10: Robert dumps Peter (VDM Edition)

ALL THIS WEEK WE HAVE SPECIAL DUMPS IN HONOR OF VALENTINE’S DAY! Robert is upset with Peter… he’s doesn’t seem like he’s 100% as gay as he used to be… He’s been checking out other women constantly as well as men. Peter looks like he might be straying back over the sexual line and thisContinue Reading

iDUMP4U file 02/10/10: Tyson dumps Kasha (VDM Edition)

ALL THIS WEEK WE HAVE SPECIAL DUMPS IN HONOR OF VALENTINE’S DAY! Kasha seems to be confused, I mean she doesn’t even know how to pronounce her own name… (I mean it’s spelled with an “A” come on..) She is draining Tyson of his money and now is ready to get dumped. But will TysonContinue Reading

iDUMP4U file 02/11/10: Angel dumps Cory (VDM Edition)

ALL THIS WEEK WE HAVE SPECIAL DUMPS IN HONOR OF VALENTINE’S DAY! Cory has been way to busy with his job. He never is able to come and see Angel anymore. She feels like he is more concerned about money than her, so she has decided to move on… Here comes Bradley to help letContinue Reading

iDUMP4U file 02/12/10: Vanessa dumps Carlos (VDM Edition)

ALL THIS WEEK WE HAVE SPECIAL DUMPS IN HONOR OF VALENTINE’S DAY! Carlos is too sensitive, and Vanessa is just tired of how he cries at everything. Sure the dog only has three legs in the Animal Shelter commercial, but come on Carlos???!?! Vanessa wants a man, time for Bradley to kick this wimp toContinue Reading

iDUMP4U file 02/13/10: Bailey dumps Maria (VDM Edition)

ALL THIS WEEK WE HAVE SPECIAL DUMPS IN HONOR OF VALENTINE’S DAY! Maria was going to dump Bailey… but her friend told Bailey, so he decided to dump her first. Here comes Bradley to deliver the embarassing blow Bailey was looking for.. Oh and Maria is kinda pissed that Bailey dumped her first… As alwaysContinue Reading

iDUMP4U file 02/14/10: Nikki dumps Sarah (VDM Edition)

ALL THIS WEEK WE HAVE SPECIAL DUMPS IN HONOR OF VALENTINE’S DAY! Nikki has figured out that Sarah has been cheating on her with a guy.. But after Bradley gets involved, there is so much more to it than that…… Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the biggest massage of the meaning of Valentine’s DayContinue Reading

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